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Bring Strength to Weakness

November 2014 “One Moment Shifts,” Bring Strength to Weakness”

As we enter the Winter season, let’s take a look at our perceptions about our strengths, and how they can be applied even further for a more fulfilling life.

We all have inner strengths. My guess is you can name some of your own as you’re reading this. You can even think of ways your strengths help you with as a family member, as a friend, succeed at your work and in your hobbies. Maybe take a minute, pause here before reading further, and let yourself focus on that strength(s) and how it serves you in your life areas. As you breathe deeply, feel the strength as an experience that fills your mind and body.

It feels really good to feel confident in our strengths and how they helps us to be a better person and make the world a better place. We tend to really enjoy and find meaning in the situations and activities that utilize our strengths.

Here’s where the shift comes in: When we think of the areas of our life we see as our “weakness,” or the things we’re maybe not so great at, we tend to tell ourselves that we’re not good at it. Over time, what we think over and over becomes our beliefs. Though it may not be at the tip of our awareness, we make a lot of our decisions based on our beliefs, as if they are facts.

We can shift our perception of ourselves and what we’re not so good at by intentionally bringing our known strengths to the situation. Again, pause from reading this and imagine yourself bringing your strength(s) to the situation (that you see yourself as not so good at) and see how it might play out differently next time. Imagine how bringing the confidence that accompanies your strengths can benefit you in the situation you may not feel so secure in.

Give it a try in real life. You might surprise yourself with how awesome you are!

 Have a wonderful week!
Peace and love on your personal journey!
Kathleen Sprole

One Moment Center LLC
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