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“Dragons and Treasure” from February, 2016 “One Moment Shifts”

“Dragons and Treasure”
Stillness allows us so much, including the chance to heal. When we get still, we put space between the thoughts. In this space, in this stillness, we can access our essence and a wise voice that guides us. Our essence is not conditional to what others think of us, or even what we think of us. Our essence isn’t earned. It just is.

Sometimes it isn’t just the hustle and bustle that we’re used to that prevents us from slowing down and getting still. Sometimes we are uncertain what we may find, and we fear it may not be good. We fear it might even be so ugly and so terrible that we won’t know how to cope. We fear our demons, so we avoid looking. We fear our demons are in that space between the thoughts.

The thing is, our demons aren’t real. They are made up by the ego. They keep us small, limited and afraid. This isn’t to minimize that we all have wounds and have internalized myths about our selves (I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, I’ll always fail) and those came from somewhere.

It’s like dragons souring and hovering over a cave that is filled with treasure. The dragons puff and blow fire out their nostrils, they make a big show. But, logically, we know dragons don’t exist. They are mythical creatures and therefore they can’t hurt us. Turns out, we can walk right past the dragons as long as we remind ourselves they aren’t real. Then all that treasure we find is ours. It was always there, and it was always ours.

The treasure is your essence, your inherent value and worth. It’s accessible. You can reach it by getting still and listening to that wise voice within. It’s probably been waiting a very long time to tell you some very important things. Don’t make it wait any longer.

I wish you well and many miracles along your path.

Peaceful travels on your journey to your happiest self!
Kathleen Sprole
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