Mindfulness for Transformation.


Tell me what you want and I will send you a GIFT!
I’ll send you a compilation of the written portion of the previous E-mail course “The Basics & Then Some” for FREE! That’s 8 lessons on the principles of Mindfulness including some of my own personal experiences, all in one pdf.

Here’s all ya need to do:
E-mail me at OMC.mpls@gmail.com and tell me….
1. Your name
2. How you know about OMC
3. Your previous Mindfulness and/or transformational experience (for example: 1 day long silent retreat, read books, tried sitting meditation once, watched some videos, none, etc.)
4. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!! What are you seeking now?!?! Information on how to use Mindfulness in daily life? Support in growing into your authentic self? Figuring out your spirituality? PLEASE feel free to get specific….I REALLY want to know where you’re at and where you want to go!

Love to you on your journey to your happiest self!!! You deserve it!
– Kathleen