Mindfulness for Transformation.

Full Day “Retreat” and an E-mail Course!

OMC has a full day event on Saturday, Nov 12th 9:00-4:30, Mindfulness Day: Maitri & Balance. We’ll be in the cozy fireplace room of the MN Landscape Arboretum. Registration is still open. You can save your spot HERE or at www.tinyurl.com/omcMindfulnessDay .

The Basics & Then Some, an 8 week e-mail course that will cover 7 principles of Mindfulness with information, vlogs of me coaching a weekly practice, and more tools to try in your every day life, starts Monday Nov 7th. Anyone can join in on this! Signing up is super easy HERE, or at www.tinyurl.com/omcBasicsCourse. (Ooooh I so hope you join in on this!)