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When I first started my Mindfulness journey, I was totally throwing darts in the dark. I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was doing it “right.” Through attending zen meditation centers, reading books, listening to some of the most profound teachers, and just diving in, I learned a ton.

I cannot wait to pass this on to you in a way that is not only guided, but to provide access to me so we can be on this journey together. 

You know that Mindfulness is a powerful tool. You know that Mindfulness can

  • reduce stress

  • bring inner peace and balance

  • increase mental, emotional and physical resilience

  • increase compassion for yourself and others

  • improve your relationships

Though Mindfulness opens the door to something so much greater than that: True Self.

The more I practiced Mindfulness, the more I felt a great transformation happening.

Not only was I feeling more balanced and connected to an inner peace, I was healing.

All the garbage and wounds from the past were being cleared out of the way.

I didn’t realize this what was happening for years later when it was explained to me….turns out the more I practiced stillness and going inward, the more I was connecting to my True Self.

Your True Self (or true essence, spirit, authentic self, etc.) is in line with what’s best for you and the world. Your True Self is made of the energy of love, compassion, and healing.



BUT….it’s hard to stick with a practice all alone.

AND….it’s confusing to know what to do when in your journey.

PLUS….it’s hard to look all this up when you don’t have much time to begin with.

I totally get it. Been there, done that.

In the One Moment Mindfulness Membership  you are always supported, guided, and I will bring the consistency to you. 



Here’s how it works in the OMM Membership:

You’ll be in a private online group (on Facebook, you can get the content emailed to you as well).

You’ll get….

  •  Access to your own portal and past content in the OMC website
  • Private Group on Facebook for ongoing community
  • Monthly themes
  • Videos with information and real-life tips and tricks
  • Interviews with experts (think podcast style)
  • Weekly intentions and mantras
  • Guided Meditations
  • Prompts for your journaling and self reflection
  • Live, virtual monthly Sangha (community) time
  • Ongoing support from the group and access to me!

Plus, there will be ongoing discussion, support, and a space to learn without judgment or pressure.



When you’re a OMM Member, you also get

  •  First notice and dibs at registration for upcoming OMC events
  • OMM Membership exclusive prices for OMC events
  • Bonuses as we go along….’cause I love to bring you the best!


One Moment Mindfulness Membership is for:

Those who are new to Mindfulness

Those who have had years of practice and study

Anyone curious about how to bring Mindfulness into their busy, daily life

Anyone ready to go inward and make some pretty dang awesome shifts in their life

Those ready to live life connected to their True Self and inherent personal power

Ready to join?

You can get in now as a OMM Member for only $108 for 6 months of  membership access (that’s only$18/month!)


Click here and let’s begin our journey together!

I know how powerful a Mindfulness practice can be. I’ve seen so many (including me!) have amazing transformations in their lives….just by learning how to bring Mindfulness into their every day life.


I also know that it’s easy to lose focus and get lost.


Without consistent and convenient ways to practice and learn, and a supportive community, whatever we start can fizzle out quickly.

I’m glad you’ll be joining us over at One Moment Mindfulness!


What others are saying about One Moment Mindfulness Membership


“The biggest benefit I have gotten out of the membership are the numerous resources I am provided each week. The best part is that she is very open to questions or any thoughts I have. Being a member has greatly enhanced my own practice.” – John B